Harriet Ainsworth

Designation: Secretary-General of Donate For Palestine Org (USA)


Overseeing the overall operations and management of the organization.

Leading and representing the organization in diplomatic and official engagements.

Ensuring transparency and proper allocation of donations to the right organizations like UNRWA, CRS, PCRF, Palestine Red Crescent Society, Penny Appeal, UNICEF, and Taawon.

Advocating for peace and the rights of Palestine refugees through diplomatic channels.

 Marcus Blackwood

Designation: Deputy Secretary-General of Donate For Palestine Org (USA)


Assisting the Secretary-General in overseeing the operations and management of the organization.

Collaborating with various departments to ensure effective and efficient execution of organizational goals.

Representing the organization in official and diplomatic engagements in the absence of the Secretary-General.

Lydia Fairchild

Designation: Director of Donor RelationsResponsibilities:Developing and maintaining relationships with donors and stakeholders.Organizing fundraising campaigns and events to support the organization's initiatives.Ensuring transparency and accountability in donation management and allocation.

 Sebastian Grayson

Designation: Director of Diplomatic AffairsResponsibilities:Conducting diplomacy with diplomats and officials from various countries to advocate for peace and a peaceful resolution to the Palestine-Israel conflict.Organizing and participating in peace talks and negotiations.Representing the organization in international forums and conferences related to the Palestine-Israel conflict.

 Eleanor Radcliffe

Designation: Director of Rehabilitation and WelfareResponsibilities:Overseeing rehabilitation and welfare programs for Palestine refugees.Collaborating with partner organizations like UNRWA, PCRF, and Palestine Red Crescent Society to implement and support welfare projects.Ensuring the well-being and welfare of Palestine refugees through various support programs and initiatives.

Penelope Harrington

Designation: Director of Humanitarian Aid DistributionResponsibilities:Overseeing the distribution of humanitarian aid to Palestine refugees in coordination with partner organizations.Ensuring efficient and effective delivery of aid to those in need.Monitoring and evaluating the impact of humanitarian aid programs and initiatives.

 Nathaniel Whitmore

Designation: Director of Finance and AdministrationResponsibilities:Managing the organization's finances, budgeting, and financial reporting.Overseeing administrative functions and ensuring compliance with organizational policies and procedures.Developing and implementing financial strategies to ensure the sustainability and growth of the organization.

Isabelle Thornton

Designation: Director of Education and Youth DevelopmentResponsibilities:Implementing and overseeing educational and youth development programs for Palestine refugees.Collaborating with educational institutions and organizations to provide educational opportunities and support for youth.Promoting and advocating for the importance of education and youth development in the context of the Palestine-Israel conflict.